From our customers:

Deb Storey has done a wonderful job of helping to improve my son’s
reading skills. Not only does he read better, but he enjoys going to
her tutoring sessions. Deb has a wonderful way of working with the
children so that they are learning while having fun.  It is clear that
Deb has a passion for teaching, which is seen through my child’s
success.  - Lisa M.

I wanted to thank you for taking your time to find the perfect speech
therapist. Janelle is fabulous!  Michael loves working with her. I'm
seeing a lot of improvement in his speech. He now makes the
correct k sound and he corrects himself if he doesn't say it correctly.
His teachers are also starting to see an improvement in him. Our
family is also noticing an improvement.
Thank you so much! Gina

Just wanted to mention how impressed I am with Literacy Express.  
Not only do you have first rate teachers that know how to reach kids
(evidenced by how rapidly students go from struggling in school to
succeeding), but your operation is so organized and efficient.  I'm
sure it's very complicated, but you and your teachers make it seem
effortless!    Definitely worth the investment for our kids.

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter received a "VG" in
math on her progress report!!! We were so thrilled to actually see
the improvement on her report. We had actually told her that if she
raised her grade to an "S" by Spring Break, then we would take her
to the Taylor Swift concert. This certainly passed our expectations.
We owe all of the gratitude to you and "Mrs. Math." of course, along
with our daughter and all of her hard work.

J got all 3's, (meaning proficient), in math on his report card.  I know
he would not have gotten 3's without Literacy Express.  Just wanted
to let you know how well he is doing.

We are so thrilled with Literacy Express.  Debbie has a style that is
so warm and loving with the children and they actually look forward
to their sessions.  Our daughter was struggling with reading in the
last half of first grade. I contacted Debbie and by the end of first
grade we had seen a huge improvement and Veronica even won a
reading award in her class!  Now that she is in second grade she is
reading above grade level and we could not be happier! Thanks for
all you do. - Cindy

T's conference was great!!!!!  I am so happy with him.  A large part
is due to you and Literacy Express.  He is now at the top of his class
in reading!  Amazing!!!!  He use to struggle in this subject.  He
scored a 28 on a reading test that they want the kids to score a 26
on, by the end of second grade.   

We want to stay in tutoring because he loves it, and because we
have seen such an improvement.

I take care of my 5 year old granddaughter one afternoon a week.
She has had a speech issue since she began talking. Sometimes it
was difficult to understand her, making it necessary to ask her to
repeat what she said…sometimes more than one time.  A couple of
weeks ago she came as usual and I noticed a definite improvement
in her speech. I mentioned it to my daughter and she told me she
had been receiving speech therapy.  I was so pleased she was able
to improve to the extent she did, as quickly as she did. I am so
grateful they found a speech therapist that was able to help her
make such strides!

I asked Vincent to say a few things for you and this is what he said.  
"Going to Mrs. Debbie is learning, but FUN!"  He is a man of few
words, but I think that says it all. - Lucia

I highly recommend this program.  Two of my children were tutored
by Mrs. Storey and another teacher on the team, and both of their
reading skills and confidence improved a lot. Mrs. Storey assessed
each of their needs and assisted them in overcoming their
challenges.  Mrs. Storey's expertise in the teaching field coupled
with her passion for tutoring children is evident, my girls loved going
weekly and both love to read."   - Liddy P.

I have three kids - an 8 year old son, and twin girls at 5 years old.  
During my son's second grade at the local elementary school, it was
brought to our attention by his teacher that he needed assistance in
language arts.  He was skipping over difficult words or mis-reading
words... Therefore, not being able to comprehend the reading
material.  We enrolled him in Mrs. Storey's, Literacy Express, for a
summer session of math and language arts to help prepare him for
third grade in the Fall.  At first, he showed some resistance in going
but Mrs. Storey and her team made learning fun, so that it didn't
seem like he was doing work!  He really enjoyed Ms. Math and her
timed tests!  At  his first parent teacher conference his third grade
teacher commented that he is high proficient/nearing advanced in
language arts and advanced in math.

Our twin girls were in a preschool/pre-k program last year. Their
teacher suggested to retain one of our daughters. I immediately
called Mrs. Storey for help.  Literacy Express worked with our
daughters for ten months to prepare them for kindergarten.  The
girls loved going to their sessions every week because it was FUN
for them, they were awarded for their efforts, and it was all done in
a positive learning environment for the kids.  Their first conference
in kindergarten was very encouraging.  Their kindergarten teacher
commented on how it was a joy for her to work with the girls
because they had a high interest in learning, they understood the
basic concepts well at this point, and that there were no areas of
concern for either of them.

I highly recommend Literacy Express for kids who would benefit from
one on one attention.  My kids received wonderful support in a
positive learning environment.  They had fun in the process, gained
confidence to do the work, and are now making progress in school.  
Thank you, Mrs. Storey and the Literacy Express Team!"     -     Mrs. D

Since starting Literacy Express my son Maxwell’s reading and
comprehension has improved dramatically.  Debbie and her team
are professional, caring and current on the latest curriculum in our
schools.  This is a tutoring experience I highly recommend for
children. - Diane F.

LE really provided the breakthrough learning experience that our
daughter needed to get to the next level with some basic early
skills.    It was Debbie's expertise and organized approach, with
great exercises, that has given our daughter the confidence with her
own basic skill set to do well with early grade work. She managed
that transition very smoothly with the LE system and help. - Andrea
and Dave G.

My son spent a year with Deb Storey.  I looked at many different
tutoring options and was thrilled to find Literacy Express.  My son
struggled through kindergarten, and was slow to read.  By first grade
he realized he was behind the other kids and it was affecting his
confidence.  My son had great teachers at school, but really needed
an extra push. Deb Storey helped get my son on grade level, build
his confidence, and inspire him to want to learn.  He LOVED going to
tutoring every week.  He still asks about it.  I am very grateful for the
experience. - Jessica A.

Literacy express has truly changed Owen's opinion of learning to
read.  He had previously shown no interest in learning his letters,
much less learning to sound letters out.  He is so full of interest now
and has discovered that learning can be enjoyable and that, he too,
can learn to read as well as his older sister!  Thanks for your help! -
Gina C.

My daughter Karley and my son Drew were what we like to call
"slow starters".  My husband and I both work and were finding it
very hard to get our children up to speed.  And, we worried that we
were not approaching it the right way. Debbie's guidance and
expertise help us narrow down their strengths and focus on their
opportunities.  Fast forward a few years and both are reading at
grade level - (and my daughter is above grade level for writing).  Her
math tutor did a wonderful job playing games and giving us tricks on
how to remember the math facts.  Karley is also at grade level now
for math!  We have (and continue to) recommend Debbie's program
to others. Debbie - please use us as a reference if you ever need
anyone to give their perspective!  We are thrilled with how well they
are both doing. Regards, Lynsey

Eric thrived while working with Debbie.  Her ability to engage
students in the learning experience, while having fun, was key to
Eric's success.  Eric's confidence in reading and writing grew with
each session.  Debbie comes highly recommended. We experienced
first hand success under her instruction! - Teri K.

Jason absolutely loves going to Mrs. Storey's class.  I was amazed
when he came home after the very first class (he was 3 years old)
and he knew all of his lower case letters.  He barely knew half of
them when he walked in just one hour before.  He's now reading and
looks forward to going each week. - Michelle B.

My daughter LOVES going to Literacy Express.  She has improved in
reading since she started, jumping up several reading levels this
year.  We also started the math program this year and my
daughter's confidence in math has increased, as has her ability.  
Debbie not only helps the children learn but makes it fun! - Susan

When our son Andrew started his math class at Literacy Express in
April it was because he was falling a bit behind in class.  His teacher
had suggested he needed some "extra" assistance.  He was still
using his fingers to add the numbers and as the problems get more
complex he can't move through them fast enough.  By the end of the
school year, June, his teacher reported to me that he was not only
on track with his classmates but, helping others work through tough
problems!  It was amazing to see him go from struggling to
accomplished in just a few short months.  This is a great program
and certainly a success for my son. - Mia

Debbie Storey and her Literacy Express is a Vitamin B-12
supplement for your child's reading and writing proficiency!  My
children both have attended her Pre-K enrichment classes, as well
as enrichment classes during their Kindergarten years, and summer
enrichment classes.

She combines her teaching skills with interesting and fun curriculum,
that my children look forward to going to each week.  Their
eagerness to complete their homework, and work on their lessons
timely, is rewarding and a pleasure for me to see.  Both children
continue to be ahead of "standard" in their perspective grade levels,
and have self confidence and proficiency in their reading and writing
skills.  I give the Literacy Express an A+, and highly recommend for
students of all levels and needs.
Diane P.  

Since starting Literacy Express my son Maxwell's reading and
comprehension has improved dramatically.  Debbie and her team
are professional, caring and current on the latest curriculum in our
schools.  This is a tutoring experience I highly recommend for

"Thanks so much for the wonderful work you've done with Matthew
during this last year.  The methodology that you follow in your
program has worked so well and it's been a joy to watch his
confidence and enthusiasm for reading grow with each passing
week.  We really appreciate your dedication, patience and hard work
to make this such a positive experience for Matthew.  His younger
siblings will certainly use your program next year!"

James has blown me away with how much confidence and fluency
he has mastered during your short time with him this summer.  He
has read to me several times and I couldn't believe the
transformation.  He never once made a fuss about attending and
liked all the teachers you have at your site.  Regards, Karen
Literacy Express
Students in Reading, Writing, Comprehension, and Math
Speech Therapy for Pre-K through 6th Grade