Literacy Express
Academic Coaching & Tutoring for Pre-K through 8th Grade
Students in Reading, Writing, Comprehension, and Math
Speech Therapy for Pre-K through 6th Grade
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Registration for Session
Our programs offer your child an opportunity to improve their overall skills, help to
focus knowledge for school year work, and make progress in various academic
areas. Literacy Express allows you to tailor your child's instructional plan by offering
private or small group sessions,  in a high energy and positive environment.

Language Arts (Pre-K through 8th) - Program includes reading, writing,
comprehension and all other appropriate strands. Students receive unique
motivation through multi-sensory learning, related games, and high energy
sessions. Your child will be challenged to exceed their grade level standards in a fun
and engaging atmosphere.

Power Math (Pre-K through 8th) - All strands of the California State Standards are
addressed within sessions. Students are met at their level and coached with the
goal of meeting and exceeding grade level standards. When your child is ready we
will challenge them to move ahead to the next grade level, while building
confidence and having fun with math.

Transitions Math to High School  - Get ready for high school Algebra or Geometry
in a fun and motivating atmosphere. Students will work on filling gaps in knowledge
from previous math experience. We will teach the student upcoming Algebra or
Geometry content they will see in the upcoming school year.

                 Sessions available Monday through Thursday

After completing a registration form for your child, you can register an additional
child by simply clicking your browser's back button to make changes needed.  
After you complete it,  please press  'Submit' again.  

After completing the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email.  For
new students, we will arrange an assessment session for your child.

Your program fees will depend on the number of sessions per week your
child is enrolled in.   Make up sessions are available for scheduled absences with
advanced notice.

Literacy Express fees are specific to your plan, and will be itemized on your
monthly invoice, once your plan is finalized.  You will receive an invoice at the
beginning of each month, payment is due at the first session of the month

ABSENCE POLICY: Understandably, absences will occur due to a variety of
We ask that you please let us know in advance when these absences will
occur, with at least 48 hours advance notice. We will
be happy to reschedule your child to a make-up session prior to, or after, the
absence, if you’d like to make it up. Credits will not be issued for missed sessions.